Soproni nationwide summer promotion image design development

This is how Soproni’s new image conquered the country during the hottest summer days

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POS materials

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Our task

In 2023, Domino was responsible for the image of the nationwide prize draw of Soproni.

The task of our design team was to create a key visual that conveys the brand's message, emphasizes the prizes, and can be easily implemented to any material.

Designing POS materials

In addition to designing the key visual, we were also tasked with creating unique, attention-grabbing POS materials that customers could see in the largest stores.

Shop-in-shop installation

Perhaps the most exciting version of our POS materials was the campaign’s shop-in-shop installation, which was not only designed by us but we were also responsible for its implementation as well.
The design of the installation referred to the main prize of the nationwide prize draw, a personal festival at Lake Balaton: we built a mini festival stage with lights, a branded back wall, and a giant LCD TV.

The installation could be seen for almost 2 months in Tesco Budaörs.

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