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This is how we built the Immocto property management brand from scratch

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In the spring of 2022, the subsidiary of Tecnocasa entrusted us with the branding and communication of its new real estate management company. The owners’ goal with the independent venture was none less than to become a key figure in the local market as soon as possible.

Our task

We were tasked to build a new brand from coming up with a name to designing an overall image and a website as well. In addition, we also had to develop and implement the long-term communication strategy.

Market research

Firstly, we dived deep into the domestic real estate management market, prepared a competitor analysis, and also examined international trends.

Brand naming and image design

After we had defined the brand identity, we came up with the brand name and image design.

It is always exciting to come up with the complete design system of a new brand, especially when we can brainstorm the name and the slogan as well, so our team of copywriters and art directors can work hand in hand. Ultimately, we chose 'Immocto', which is a combination of the words immobilia and octopus (the immo tag means real estate in Latin, and the octopus refers to versatility and various solutions to a single problem). The result was a unified and comprehensive corporate image with web design, all social interfaces, and elements that can be used in ad hoc and always-on communication campaigns.

Communication strategy

While our copywriters and graphic designers worked on the name and brand image, our team of strategists started to develop a long-term communication plan.

The strategy included the entire PPC and social media plan, online and offline appearances, as well as the long-term SEO strategy.


We began communicating the brand in May 2023.

That's when the Immocto social media channels were launched, we started SEO link building and also started an awareness-focused PPC campaign that ran for 2 months.
After the awareness campaign, we continued the introduction of Immocto with always-on PPC communication, where acquiring new customers was our main goal.

To strengthen communication, we also developed an image animation, that showcases the operation of the company in an easily understandable way and explains why it is worth managing a property with Immocto.


After less than 4 months of online presence, we were able to say that organically appeared in second place in the Google search engine for the keyword real estate management —the site also appears on the first page of Google for the other keywords relevant to us—and thanks to our PPC ads more than 10,000 users have already visited the Immocto site. Furthermore, thanks to our campaigns, our partner has already scored several new deals.

In the future, our goal is to help our partner with our communication tools and expertise so that we can jointly achieve their business plans and goals.

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