Heineken Silver

Heineken Silver launch HoReCa promotion

How did we convinced Gen Z to try the new Heineken Silver

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Heineken 150 BTl campaign

This is how made Heineken’s 150th birthday truly special

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Immocto brand building

This is how we built the Immocto property management brand from scratch

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Our services

We are a full - service agency with brand experience focus.

We are firm believers that a good marketing strategy can coordinate communication channels effectively, combine campaign tools, and create a system that can address the target audience and thereby support the brand's business plans.

In recent years, we have been lucky enough to work with our partners on many projects, where our company's strategic thinking helped our clients achieve their goals.


Brand Strategy

Brand Purpose

Digital Strategy

Social Media Strategy and Management

A well-written HL, a jaw-dropping key visual, or a groundbreaking installation are all designed to make a brand stand out from the crowd and focus attention on our message. 

At Domino, we are constantly straying from the beaten path so our unique solutions can provide consumers with memorable moments.


Creative Concept


TV Commercial

Creative Photography

Creative design brings strategy to life: a well-drawn key visual evokes emotions in the consumer, captivates them, and encourages them to take action.

The goal of our design team is to implement unique, eye-catching design solutions that match the brand's communication, and capture the target audience so that they remember the brand forever.


Brand Image

Logo Design

Web Design

POS Design

Installation Design

3D Design

Whether it's a TVC, a unique installation, an event, or a hostess promotion, the most important thing is to capture the attention of our target audience and create a positive experience in them that they will associate with the brand in the long term.

As an advertising agency, we strive to present the uniqueness of the brands with our campaigns to guarantee an effective impression on our consumers.


BTL Activity

Hostess Promotion

Festival Appearances

Event Organization

Employer Branding