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How did we convinced Gen Z to try the new Heineken Silver

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Research revealed that Gen Z consumes less and less traditional, lager-type beers.

What do they like then? The less bitter, lighter, less alcoholic drinks.
In response, Heineken introduced Heineken Silver in Europe in the spring of 2022 with a softer taste and lower alcohol content to meet the needs of young consumers and make them fall in love with the brand.

What was our task?

Our agency was responsible for the HoReCa promotion of Heineken Silver's launch campaign in Hungary, from concept development to full implementation.

Our task was to develop a HoReCa hostess promotion that can

  • effectively address Gen Z consumers;
  • bring the Heineken Silver experience to as many consumers as possible;
  • and also introduce them to the brand itself.


The official Heineken Silver launch event was held in a virtual space, in the Metaverse, and the new product was promoted with virtual influencers. This gave us the idea to create Hungary's first virtual HoReCa hostess promotion with the beneficial twist that our consumers would have the opportunity to taste the new product in real life as well.

This is how Heineken Silver Experience was born.

The Heineken Silver Experience was a VR game where the players had to catch as many Heineken Silver products flying towards them in virtual space as possible.

If they managed to grab enough virtual Heineken Silver cans, they could spin a virtual wheel of fortune inside the game for instant REAL prizes.

What could they win? The product itself of course, as well as smaller gifts made out of recycled materials that align with the expectations of Gen Z consumers towards brands nowadays.

We also designed the outfits of our hostesses and hosts in a way that they blend in with the guests as much as possible, so the consumers could feel that the promotion team was also among the guests of the venue. With this idea, our goal was to make consumers even more open to participating in the promotion.


The promotion also included a photo activity where guests could take a fun selfie in front of a unique, virtual background of their choice.
They could take pictures in the Bahamas, on the streets of a metropolis, or even in the VR game. All this while grabbing an ice-cold Heineken Silver in real life.

No brakes, the campaign continues!

Encouraged by the success of the Heineken Silver Experience in 2022, we continued the promotion in 2023. In 2023, in addition to the awareness focus, we also aimed to emphasize trying out Heineken Silver, which is why we tied the entry for the prizes to consumption.

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