Heineken 150 BTL campaign

This is how made Heineken’s 150th birthday truly special

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In 2023, Heineken entrusted Domino with the BTL communication of the brand's 150-year jubilee national campaign.

This year, the brand launched its 'Be the star of the party!' birthday campaign. The communication put consumers at the center of the campaign, thereby acknowledging that Heineken could not be one of the most important players in the beer market without its them for the last 150 years.
During the promotion, consumers had the opportunity to enter the brand's birthday campaign.
All they had to do was to take a party photo with any Heineken product and upload it to the H150 promotion page.
The 150 lucky players were able to appear on the brand's 150th anniversary poster.

Our task

We were tasked with

  • developing the creative concept for the hostess HoReCa campaign;
  • conducting the hostess promotion;
  • and designing and implementing a unique promotional installation.

Hostess HoReCa promotion

We have developed a creative concept for the 'Be the star of the party!' campaign which in addition to encouraging consumers to participate in the nationwide campaign, and also displayed the campaign's message offline by reworking its elements. This is how the 'Be the star of your favorite place!' campaign was born.

During the promotion, we took pictures of the coolest customers of each given pub and we immediately printed their pictures for them.
We put up a 'Be the star of the party!' wall of fame at each place so anyone who wanted to be on it could put their photo up right away. In addition, the guests could immediately upload the completed pictures to the Heineken promotional page as well.
We left the wall of glory at every location way after the promotion ended to inspire people to get more and more pictures.


H150 installations

We also designed unique installations to support the promotion.

Consumers could meet the ‘Giant Star' installation at the Balaton Sound Festival, and we also placed smaller installations at Heineken's key partners for one week each during the promotional period.

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